• How is the quality of this products? 

Our products are top quality, we've handpicked the best suppliers in the market for you to have the best customer experience possible. 

  • Where are most of your products produced? 

All of our products are produced and shipped from foreing countries. In some cases there might be exceptions, on this cases we would notify you before you've completed your purchase. 

  • Who is creating the art works and the styling of the garments? 

We have a beloved team of specialized illustrators working for us. Most of them are young women around the world with lots of talent and good aspirations. 

  • How would the products fit my body type? 

Fitting depends a lot on how your body is shaped. However, all of our products are either standard fit or slim fit.

  • Are the designs wash machine safe? 

Yes they are. If any of your designs should ever come off after a lavage cycle please feel free to reach out to us, we'll be happy to assist you. 

  • Can I become an artist for Chiseled Curves ?

Sure you can! Feel free to reach out by email and we'll be right back to you with more information. 

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